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CIT's Cabin - Heidi Lucas


Heidi Lucas

Heidi Lucas as Kim in 'Boy Meets World'

  • Notable Films/Video of Heidi Lucas (Dina Alexander)
    • Ghost Ship (1992) [Christy]
  • Notable TV Appearances of Heidi Lucas (Dina Alexander)
    • Hosted TGIF and ABC Saturday Morning(1996 - TV) [as Hypernaut]
    • Hypernauts (1996 - TV Series) [Noriko "Max" Matsuda]
    • The Wayans Bros. (1996 - TV) [Toni Jackson in "Mama, I Wanna Act"]
    • Saved by the Bell: The New Class (1995 - TV) [Nicole Miller in "Thomas D."]
    • Boy Meets World (1995 - TV) [Kim in "Danger Boy"]
    • Secret Adventures: Shrug (1994 - TV) [Kimberly]
    • ABC Weekend Special: Rhythm & Jam (1993 - TV) [Kid on the Street]
    • Secret Adventures: Spin (1993 - TV) [Kimberly]
  • TV Commercials With Heidi Lucas (Dina Alexander)
    • Coca-Cola (1998 - TV Advert)
    • Clearisil (1997 - TV Advert)
    • Sunny Delight Lite (1996 - TV Advert)
    • Noxema (1996 - TV Advert)
    • Noxema (1995 - TV Advert)
    • Other T.V. commercials include: Skittles, Secret Ultra Dry Deodorant, and Johnson & Johnson's Clean & Clear Persa Gel.
    Unconfirmed Internet Rumor (only a rumor): Went to law school for a time in Indiana. Currently working outside the entertainment field and wants people to respect her privacy.

    Heidi Lucas Fun Facts: In 1993, won a Young Artist Award for best young actress co-starring in a cable series for "Salute Your Shorts".

    Heidi Lucas in kissing sequence from 'Boy Meets World'

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