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CIT's Cabin - Blake Soper


Blake Soper

Blake Soper in Graduation Episode of 'Boy Meets World' and on tour

  • Notable Films/Video of Blake Soper (Ronnie Pinsky)
    • The Last Resort (1997) [Benji]
    • Driven (1996) [Kid with knife]
  • Notable TV Appearances of Blake Soper (Ronnie Pinsky)
    • Once and Again (2000 - TV) [Blake in "Cat-In-Hat"]
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1999 - TV) [Michael in "Gingerbread"]
    • Boy Meets World" (1998 - TV) [Joey in "Graduation"]
    • Smart Guy (1997 - TV) [Scotty in "T.J. versus The Machine"]
    • 3rd Rock from the Sun (1997 - TV) [N Elman in "15 Minutes of Dick" & "Dickmalion"]
    • Melrose Place (1996 - TV) [Jared in "Peter's Excellent Adventure"]
    • Public Morals (1996 - TV) [??? in "The Blue Cover"]
    • Boy Meets World (1994-96 - TV Series) [Joey]
    • His & Hers (1990 - TV Series) [Noah]
    • The Wonder Years (1988 - TV) [Shop Kid in "The Candidate" & "Ninth Grade Man"]
    • Family Ties (1987 - TV) [Jonathan Keaton in "Father Time (Parts 1 & 2)"]
    • Highway to Heaven (1984 - TV) [Stevie Markham in "Wally"]
    Confirmed Internet Rumor (only a rumor): Attended La Jolla Country Day School.
    Did a great job stepping into Michael's shoes on the second (1992) season of "Salute Your Shorts".

    Blake Sennett (Soper) is in a band called Rilo Kiley and in his own band The Elected. I've caught both of these bands on tour and they terrific shows. Rilo Kiley picture courtesy of Camper Eric.

    Blake Soper's Fun Facts: Blake Soper's nickname at one point was V-8.

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