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CIT's Cabin - Supporing Cast


"Salute Your Shorts" Supporting Cast

Extras including Flankman

"Salute Your Shorts" Supporting Cast
Steve Slavkin Voice of Dr. Kahn
- was the Executive Producer and creator of "Salute Your Shorts". Wrote the "Salute Your Shorts" book upon which the series is based. Has gone on to be the Executive Producer for "Running the Halls" (1993) and Co-Executive Producer for "USA High" (1997); as well as being a writer on such series as Even Stevens, Extreme Ghostbusters and The Famous Jett Jackson. Some notes from Steve Slavkin soon in the Alumni Cabins Area.
Christine Cavanaugh Mona Tibbs
- highly talented voice actor. Credited with being the voice of Babe, Chuckie (Rugrats), Dexter (Dexter's Lab) and Marty Sherman (The Critic) amongst many other credits.
Samantha Jordon Yukniewicz Ellen in "Wrath of Kahn Jr."
- did some further acting after "Salute Your Shorts" including a few commercials and a play with Trevor Eyster for "Aaron Spelling's niece in L.A." Later moved back to NJ and became involved in the medical field. At last report, Samantha was a 9-1-1 dispatcher and was heading to paramedic school. More from Samantha soon in the Alumni Cabins Area.
David Tom Original Sponge in pilot
as seen on a 1990 segment on Nickelodeon's Special Delivery! Possible 1991 camper Extra!
- played Whitey in "Pleasantville", Darryl Knable in "Stay Tuned", and Todd in "Summertime Switch" amongst other credits. "Summertime Switch" is another t.v. movie about summer camp. Currently playing Billy Abbott in "Young and the Restless".
Henry W. Laster / Belle Starr Kent Flankman
Was in the pilot as kid who almost got an "awful waffle". Also was in the "Counselor Budnick" and "Anawanna Inc." episodes. One of my favorite side characters to watch out for in the series. Also appeared in "Small Wonder", "Hey Dude" and in the 2008 Movie "Milk". More from Henry / Belle soon in the Alumni Cabins Area.
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