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Creating your own Camp Anawanna T-Shirt

I've always wanted to create my own Camp Anawanna t-shirt. I tried several different ways of doing it but things never came out quite right.

My first attempt was from an embroidery and t-shirt printing kiosk at a local mall. It was nice with an embroidered title, teepee and canoe but a little too fancy for camp. My second attempt (the white shirt) was from an Austrailian internet t-shirt store. It was one of the first of its kind to let you design your own t-shirt from the internet. I grabbed the canoe graphic from another internet site on canoe paddling and I went with a rough style of lettering. It's o.k.- I especially liked the back but it wasn't quite right. My third attempt (the yellow shirt) is one I really like but the graphics are no longer available so my fourth attempt (the blue shirt) is what I'm going to describe how to create. It's from an American create-your-own internet t-shirt shop and it's the closest I've come yet to a Camp Anawanna t-shirt. I think it's a lot better than the one that's selling for $25 on Ebay but you can decide that for yourself when you make your own personalized Camp Anawanna t-shirt.

  1. Download the following Camp Anawanna T-Shirt image (fullcamptsys.png) or Camper Ben's Camp Anawanna T-Shirt image (fullcamptsys2.png) to your computer by clicking with the left mouse button (Windows) or clicking and holding down on it (Macintosh).
  2. Go to Cafe Press and choose to design your own personal t-shirt.
  3. Select the t-shirt of your choice. Pick a traditional Yellow, Ash or Blue t-shirt or actually any t-shirt you want.
  4. Upload one of the camp images then maximize and center the image on your t-shirt. When you are satisfied with your new "look"- press Done. You can also add additional text or other images to your t-shirt as you see fit.
  5. All done. Pick your size, checkout and enjoy your t-shirt. It should cost around $20-25 with shipping. The cost goes down if you buy more than one. You can also customize your t-shirt from there or save it to use again later.
I'm not associated with cafepress.com but have found this to be a fun Camp Anawanna project. So get out there, make your own t-shirt and wear it proudly. If you send me an image of it when your done, I'll try and put it on the Camp Anawanna site. Also let me know if you come up with a better design than what has been donated so far.

Joe Struss - Camp Anawanna Designer
joe (at) campanawanna.com

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